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Listening to Al Pagoda for the first time usually strikes a chord with people; the synth layers are strong, iconic, like a childhood memory that’s long been dormant.


Pagoda, originally from Valencia, Spain, settled in Berlin in 2015, where he started working as a composer for movie soundtracks. During these years he experimented with new sounds and recording techniques. In 2018 a colleague of his, who had witnessed some of his free-form experimentation sessions, asked him to play at Loophole, a small club in Neukölln, Berlin. Pagoda accepted and came up with a few songs for the show.


A member in the audience described the music as “the early stages of falling asleep while listening to a tune and reality starts to melt.” He had listened to the tracks that make up “Lucky Veil”, Al Pagoda’s new album. “They’re the result of a vitamin D deficit”, Pagoda likes to say. The rawness of his first winters in the city had taken toll on him. “I felt like a zombie,” he recalls. “And I got tired - that’s how the songs came about.” His music is a reflection of this transitory struggle, a dreamlike journey of luminous memories that emerge from the dark corners of his mind.


Al Pagoda releases his first mini album Lucky Veil under Frank Wiedemman’s label Bigamo Musik. 

Recorded in Berlin, between his house in Tempelhof and his studio in Kreuzberg. 

Mixed by Nicolas Vernhes (Animal Collective, Deerhunter) in Joshua Tree, South California 

Mastered by Bo Kondren (Caribou, Moderat, Johan Johansson) at Calyx Mastering, Berlin.

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