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Al Pagoda is a Berlin based, Spanish born producer.

As an aspiring film director, he made music for his fellow filmmaker colleagues while he was in several bands, from shoegaze to synth pop.

After little brake, he moved to Berlin. He funded an independent electronic music label (B.I.V.) with other German based artist and stablished his new studio in Kreuzberg.

Al Pagoda releases his first solo mini album Lucky Veil under Frank Wiedemman’s (Âme) label Bigamo Musik.

Written, produced and performed by Al Pagoda.

Mixed by Nicolas Vernhes (Animal Collective, Deerhunter)/ Joshua Tree, California 

Mastered by Bo Kondren (Caribou, Moderat, Johan Johansson)/Calyx Mastering, Berlin


- Steve Macchiato

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